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Meikang industry professional authority brand builder - China health industry Community

  Meikang industry professional authority brand builder - China health industry Community


  Centennial birthday, aim in the autumn, great achievements, is still a young man。The rapid development of China's economy has promoted social progress, achieved an all-round well-off life for the people, and is transforming from rich to healthy, "Healthy China.2030The promulgation of the outline of the plan has promoted the realization of people's health to a national policy。The Meikang industry is closely related to the lives of the masses, enters thousands of households, and becomes an important part of the comprehensive realization of a healthy China。The rapid development of Meikang industry after the reform and opening up has enriched the lives of the masses, improved the quality of life, solved the social employment, and played a positive role in improving the health of the people!However, in the experience20Years of rapid development,It also revealed a series of problems: too many products,The quality is mixed,The industry lacks real brands;Play tricks,speculation,No real core technology;False propaganda,Wild promise,Speak freely,Lack of tangible effect;Inflated price,Price at will,overcharge,The lack of an open and transparent price system;The professional level of employees is generally low,The level of professional skills needs to be improved,Less trust,Low satisfaction ~


  How to regulate the healthy and orderly development of Meikang industry?Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers!Become the focus of government departments and society!China Health GroupCEOPang Yong initiated itThe "China Health Industry Community" aims to accelerate the "Healthy China"2030In Meikang industry implementation, promote enterprises to assume social responsibility, help the industry to standardize development, abide by laws and regulations, establish industry models, advocate honesty and trustworthiness, build brand influence, promote standard technology, establish professional models, confirm the authority effect, all to customer satisfaction as the purpose, really implemented。Help the beauty salons, health centers, traditional Chinese medicine health care institutions, health management centers and other transformation and upgrading of the Meikang industry nationwide,Bigger and stronger!Build a true brand,Real technology, real professional, real effect, real satisfaction of the five real system,Let Wuzhen Alliance store become a new benchmark in the Meikang industry,Build regional influence of the five true alliance leader,Achieve technical excellence,Professional first-class,The effect authority of the Meikang brand store。

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  The "five truths" alliance system means:


  The use of authentic products filed by the State Food and Drug Administration gives priority to the use of CCTV listed brands and refuses to use fake and shoddy products。

  "Brand" is the most direct and effective channel to build customer trust!In an era of excess product,Recommend more products,Choose a real "brand" instead!Because a brand is more than just a product,More important is the influence of authority;It's not just quality and credibility,It also represents the credibility behind the brand!What Meikang industry lacks is not product but trust;The best way to build trust,Is to choose the brand。



  Use the standardized technology identified by the competent authority of Meikang industry, priority to use"One hundred sub-health TCM conditioning techniques", refusing to stir the concept and play gimmicks。

  Growth of the industry,Inseparable from the technical specification!Standardized technology,Is the foundation of the development of Meikang industry,Actively promote the application of normative technology,Advocating industry standard technology landing is particularly important;The Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other specialized organizations are in charge of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Under the participation of the Chinese medical master Sun Guangrong,The national traditional Chinese medicine health care technology has been standardized,The technical standard of "One hundred sub-health conditioning techniques" has been established,It was published in the China Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Become the technical standard to guide the service of Meikang industry。



  To ensure the real effect of beauty health care, preferably use the brand that has the effect identified by the authority department, and refuse to make false promises and exaggerate the effect。

  The problem of "effect" has always been the focus of the Meikang industry, customers and service agencies have different opinions on the expression of the effect, disputes, has become a more prominent problem of consumer complaints!How to standardize the effect, change the verbal expression into the industry standard, meet the real needs of consumers, and become the top priority of the Meikang industry。To this end, professional organizations such as the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is in charge of the business of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, have initiated the identification of "characteristic diagnosis and treatment technology in the treatment of non-disease" throughout the country, and vigorously promote brands with distinct technical characteristics and obvious conditioning effects to the industry。Standardize the effect identification of the Meikang industry, give the end consumer a basis for identifying the effect, and make the service providers of the Meikang industry more confident。The certification of scientific authority dispels the doubts of customers and allows customers to rest assured of bold consumption。

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  Support professionals to hold certificates, preferably health managers, sub-health therapists, TCM rehabilitation physiotherapists and other certificates issued by authoritative vocational education institutions, and refuse to serve customers without personnel。

  The professionalism of the Meikang industry not only requires the technical expertise of the operator, but also the professional identity of the industry!This is the best testimony of formality, but also the best proof of knowledge, skills and expertise。Whether the store is professional or not, professional qualification is an important explanation。



  For the purpose of customer satisfaction, strive to improve the satisfaction of customer service, integrity management, refuse to bully customers。

  "Satisfaction" is the satisfaction of the three parties in the Meikang industry, that is, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and boss satisfaction。Customer satisfaction is the purpose, employee satisfaction is the guarantee, boss satisfaction is the result, only the satisfaction of the three parties, can be the real meaning of satisfaction。Customer satisfaction in the service, employee satisfaction in the harvest, boss satisfaction in the profit, mutual correlation, harmonious progress

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Summary:In an era of universal health,Meikang industryThink not only about making money, but also about likePromote brand awareness and customer satisfaction with service。At the same time, Xiaobian also believes that China's health industry communityinitiating五真"Alliance", with more and more enterprises to join, will certainly make China's big health industry to a new height。

In order to better practice the Healthy China2030 "co-construction and sharing, the core theme of national health, adhere to the combination of government leadership and mobilizing the enthusiasm of society and individuals, and promote the principle of everyone's participation, everyone's efforts, and everyone's enjoyment, and hereby announce the China Health Industry Community Promotion Office 400 Tel: 4008818985Address: Happiness One village, Chaoyang District, Beijing4F, Service Bureau of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, No.55

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